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we trade a wide range of IT products


The core of our business are top-brand IT products:

Central Processing Units (CPU) – Intel, AMD

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) - Toshiba, Seagate, Maxtor

Solid State Drive (SSD) - Samsung, Intel, Kingston

Printer - Canon, HP

nevertheless we trade a wider range of products and brands upon individual request.

We hold physical stock of the goods that we regularly sell, in our own warehouse in the Netherlands. We can import from outside the EU and provide warranty over IT-Trader.

At IT-Trader you get professional advice concerning your trading needs

Multilevel sales

Numerous customers, spread on all five continents, have trusted on IT-Trader in the past years: from wholesalers to retailers and etailors, we have had an individual relationship to each one of them.
Our sales people have a long experience in the market and are appointed to both sales and purchases, thereby one and the same salesperson can give a quick and professional advice. The result are tailor-made solutions for every single project.

Thanks to longlasting logistc partners, we deliver goods worldwide

International logistics

We believe that a quick and secure delivery of goods generates more and better business for all contracting partners. This is why we have built strong relationships to logistic partners in nearly every European country, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and  U.S.A., so we are able to effectively deliver, as well as buy, to/from each of these regions.
First time business with us? No problem: we offer on hold solutions using the facilities of our large number of logistic partners, so payment takes place only after goods inspection.

IT-Trader helps customers in financial and logistic matters

Business strategy

IT-Trader is open minded: we always look for innovation and think out of the box on the way to business growth. Thanks to our long lasting experience and to our excellent connections in the market, we help customers in a confidential way either to find missing logistic facilities, or the capital to fulfill the order. We also offer our know-how when a customer is looking for further developments. No matter what your specific need is, we can find suitable solutions... just talk to us!

trading currency

Our business knows no boundaries, just currency exchange: calculate here today´s exchange rates for your best deals!


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